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Mipim 2017, preparation

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Our pre-Mipim 2017 evening was held at Bloomsbury's Saint Gobain Innovation Centre on the 28th of February.

Attended by NAWIC members and friends, the networking event was chaired by Head of Development Kathy Basheva and hosted by Rumana Begum (Regional Education team) and Martyna Kielbasa (Site visits coordinator) .

After an introduction on NAWIC and forthcoming events, including an update on our project "The Image of Construction", Kethy shared her 10 Commandments of networking which we will share below.

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The conversation that followed was relaxed and purposeful and it is safe to say that our members are ready to attend this year's edition.


In ​preparation for #​MIPIM​2017 ,one of the most ​anticipated ​ events​ in the construction​ industry's​ ​year ​, ​the​ Nawic ​team ​has compose​d​ this​ list for the benefit of our members and friends.​ We hope you will find them useful!

1. YOU SHALL NOT JUDGE THE BOOK BY THE COVER You ​will meet a wide rage of people, some of which​ may not look like you and others who may find networking uncomfortable. ​Remember those people may need extra time to come out of their shell and network​, so be patient​. This applies not only to #​MIPIM​2017 ​but other events​ as well​. Diversity is the new black in the industry. Bear that in mind!

2. YOU SHALL KEEP AN EYE CONTACT Looking at the back of the room or towards the blond in the group next to yours is not advisable. Stick to the person you are conversing with. ​You never know whether will be them who introduce you to the SEO you are ​looking forward to have a chat with.

3. YOU SHALL BE AUTHENTIC If you sell cups, do not ​pretend you sell crystal champagne glasses. ​​You ​may be found out and ​eventually loose face.​ ​Embrace what you ​do best​ .​ ​

4. YOU SHALL GIVE AND RECEIVE. It is valid throughout the year and even more so in Cannes. ​Assist the person you are conversi​ng​ with find the location of their next event or meeting. ​Recommend​ them a good restaurant. If you got a ​spare umbrella​, it is raining ​ and you are not going to use it - offer it to them! Trust me​,​ ​not only ​they will remember you ​but they will feel indebted.

5. YOU SHALL EXPLAIN ​​​for ​a 5 Y​EAR-OLD​ ​to UNDERSTAND If you cannot explain what you do to your 5​ year old​ niece, please reconsider ​practicing by ​going to ​more ​networking event. Many ​assume that ​in #​MIPIM​2017 ​where you ​rub shoulders with industry ​peers everyone should ​understand what ​our job ​titles mean​s​. Wrong! ​The construction and property ​industries of the 21st century ​offer a ​wide range​ of roles ​, created to meet the demands of increasingly complex projects. Please do not be offended if I follow up​ your introduction​ with simple questions about your work.

6. YOU SHALL LISTEN CAREFULLY AND ACTIVELY Yes.​ Not only you will learn something new, but ​you may​​ find out they are connected to someone you wish to talk to, or find a​n opportunity for you to showcase your expertise and even get a new commission.

7. YOU SHALL REMEMBER THE PERSON’S NAME I know. I thought I should add something impossible, just like the original 10 commandments. Try! ​They say it is good for staying fit and young and it​ does help​ conduct​ business​ more professionally​.

8. YOU SHALL SAY SOMETHING NICE ABOUT THE OTHER PERSON ​Be generous in your complements. Works both for men and women. Offer them a compliment about their work, ​the ​delivery of a project ​(​if you know the company they work for​)​ etc. ​It helps making the other person at ease and may pave the way towards ​that business collaboration you are after.

9. YOU SHALL BE ACCESSIBLE / YOU SHALL NOT BE A SNOB Speak to as many people as possible. You should not undermine someone ​who appear to be​ in​ a junior position just because they ​ appear ​young​.​ There is a reason why ​their companies have selected them to represent their interest in Cannes. Give them ​some of your time and refer to #1.

10. YOU SHALL SMILE Always. Period!

Last but not least below is a non-exhaustive list of reminders: ​

  • Allow for SOME ​flexible ​TIME ​,​​without appointments (After all it is Cannes)
  • Consider​ STAY​ING​ AN EXTRA DAY
  • Don't forget that despite its beautiful location you will be working under the sun, therefore DRINK PLENTY OF WATER and should you be prone to headaches bring your emergency supplies.

Checklist of essentials:


Have fun! "

Kathy Basheva @StudioBasheva is the head of Developing of NAWIC London & South East, an architect, an avid networker and a MIPIM veteran. Kathy Basheva and other members will be in attandance (Find out more about her and the regional team HERE

She will be sharing her experience from here twitter account @StudioBasheva and ours @nawicldn Instgram @nawicldn