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Women in Leadership - how to be effective as a leader

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Our guest speaker last Thursday 19th of May was Deborah Benson.

Deborah was the youngest ever and first female director at the Miller Group. She went on to become the first female MD of a major construction and development company in Scotland, heading up three £multi-million companies before setting up her own businesses.

At the event she shared some interesting and amusing stories of her time in construction and some insights into being a female leader in an industry formerly regarded as a male-only domain. 

More recently Deborah has moved into leadership development and she shared with us some of the findings of her Doctoral research which focused on the natural core dynamics of leadership - the leader-follower behaviours that are hard-wired into our DNA. She  also shared some leadership tips and exploded some of the myths around the idea of alpha male's as nature's leaders.

Deborah wanted to hear from younger colleagues about their experiences of taking the lead in the construction sector.

The event was a success and we would like to Thank Deborah for her insight in such a fascinating topic.

Should anyone be interested in finding out more, do visit her website