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Greek International Women Awards 2017

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In 2017, we are supporting the launch of the GIWA because our industry has many talented women of Greek origin who could have their work recognised under one of the many categories and in doing so, they may inspire others to join Construction.



Since the 10th of July you can apply or nominate HERE

Below the organisers' blu

"The Greek International Women Awards (GIWA) wishes to recognise and reward the internationally distinguished professional achievements and outstanding performance of all women of Greek nationality and/or origination, who are spread across the globe, from Greece to Cyprus, UK, USA, Australia and Asia .

The GIWA awards’ ceremony will take place for first time on the 9th of December 2017 at the British Museum in London. Women, beyond 18 years old, of Greek nationality and/or origination are invited to submit candidacy for the fields of:

  • Arts and Design
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Social Responsibility
  • Science & Technology
  • Social Science and Humanities
  • Shipping
  • Sports
  • Young Star
  • Life Time Achievement

The Greek International Women Awards Principals are Excellency, Credibility, Respectfulness, Productivity, Accountability, Transparency and Ethos.

The panel of the GIWA Judges consist of exquisite personalities with highly acclaimed profiles in their fields, who have joined forces to recognize, reward and celebrate Greek women's professional achievements and outstanding performances across the world.

The GIWA award’s process is based on transparency and includes the element of the public voting

The GIWA awards are supported by the Greek embassy, profound enterprises which act as sponsors, a network of exceptional professional and/or non-profit associations and a team of successful entrepreneurs and prominent professionals, men and women, coming from various and different sectors. "

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