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Our Christmas Ball

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"In the past year the world has experienced both home and abroad abusive language towards women.

This is why we at NAWIC are gathering and promoting the women and their status.


The London & South East biggest annual event is the Christmas Ball. This is the third year we are organising the Christmas Ball. In 2015 there were 25 ladies, in 2016 we were 65, this year we welcomed 180 guests. 

Amongst the guests attended planners, architects, engineers,,landscape architects, building surveyors, real estate and property, developers, quantity surveyor, document controllers, site managers, project managers.
Last week I attended a talk about Nordic Architecture and it was delivered by both men and women architects. It did not occur to them there is a difference between them in the field. Not for a moment. At NAWIC we aim to promote the positives in the Construction Industry as a whole and to highlight the fantastic work carried out by professionals working in all its sectors. 

At NAWIC, we proactively study areas where there is room for improvement and develop ideas and tools that can make a difference to both our peers and their environment. We don’t do this in isolation; we collaborate with leading companies, institutes and associations. 

Our key targets are: A shift of focus from gender to ability.  Levelling the playing field in the industry. Ending the stereotypes.

Now I would like to introduce  the committee members and ask them to kindly stand up. You will recognise them by the purple badge.  Please ask them what we do and how we do it. 

Our sponsors tonight were Karen Fugle from the Sleeping Giant from our business Breakfast club , Cristina Lanz Azcarate form Atelier Eura , Hardwicke offered a gold sponsorship. 
We are grateful for the sponsorship Round of applause
I wanted to offer a short overview of our achievements this year pictures of some of the actives are running behind me :
2 events to launch the project ‘image of the women in the construction industry' 
2 Education events
10 business breakfast club events
4 workshops about public speaking
1x pre-mipim networking event
2x members only networking events
5x site visits
2 x environmental events
3 awards women in construction

For a volunteering organisation with 12 active committee members we totaled 31 events for just one year. 
As a present this year we have prepared a bespoke tote bag in a fashionable black statement to promote our environmental agenda. In the bag our guests received: a badge, the nawic strategy for the next year, WICE Awards are our media partners for 2018, Women in Construction Summit. 

Our flagship projects has been ’the image of women in the construction industry’. We have teamed up with photographer Morley von Sternberg for a photographic book that will reflect the person : properly, engaged in the moment, in order to showcase who they really are, their passion, not only the fact that they are women working in construction. To accompany each image, there will be a mini interview to be carried out as a discussion to really connect through the photographing process. 
  • The project's aim is to show the the audacity and strength of those women in order to inspire others to join the industry. 
  • We want to show the younger generation that construction can be an excellent career choice. 

Our initial posts on LinkedIn have raised a lot of interest and so we want to set the principles of our strategy here to clarify and encourage participation: We are looking for sponsors to help complete the project. So far Morley has photographs 170 women in their work environment.

Our chair, Cristina Lanz Azcarate, took us through a brief overview of the past year and a forecast for the next year
Two apprentices from women into construction one of our collaborators Halima Isse, Apprentice Site Manager & Rachel Penfold, Apprentice Engineer

Shortly a presentation was followed by Eirini Garoufalia - head of education at London &South East Region
Concepcion Vicente (a winner in 2017 WICE awards) to share how her career has benefitted from winning 

Katy Dowding on how the construction industry is changing 

This was a very inspiring and heart warming evening. We hope our guests have enjoyed as much as we have. We would like to thank again all the volunteers who made it happen:  Cristina Lanz- Azcarate for helping to the last minute organise it all, the treasurer Anna Nasalska dealing with the payments, Marianna Bia dealing with the tickets. The committee is not paid for this job and we do as and when we can fitting, life, family and career pressures. 
We would like to thank you for your audacity, tenacity, making mends and never giving up!
Merry Chrstimas and happy new year. We hope to see you soon in one of our future events."
Text by Kathy Basheva, London and SOuth East Head of Development