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The wishes you made at London Build 2017

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Last October, at London Build, we asked attendees to make a wish for the future of construction .

Instead, we received a mixture of wishes and comments we would like to share here: 

(Thanking each and everyone who left us a message"


  • "To be taken seriously"
  • "For the focus to move away from gender to collaborative success."
  • "For women to be courageous and pursue their dreams"
  • "I would like to see more women believe in themselves and be given the support to get there"
  • "To be thought of as an engineer, not a PA!"
  • "To not be referred to as "that female engineer" but instead that engineer"
  • "For women to not be seen as weak"
  • "For women to use their unique skills and different perspective to bring positive change to the built environment"
  • "Inclusivity! We need more of it and a built environment could be all the better for it will reflect society"
  • "More black women working on site."
  • "Equal or better pay, flexible working hours on site and the office to be compatible with nursery and care"
  • "Equality for men and women when returning to work after having a child"
  • "Breaking of stereotypes"
  • "For men to positively embrace having more women in construction"
  • "No demeaning jokes" 

How and why we need to change things?

  • "Change must be embraced"
  • " With inclusion, gender don't need to be the focus"
  • "Women in construction are so motivated & bring a great "vibe" within the workplace. Without us, construction would not survive"
  • "When women work equally in construction, the built environment they help create will be for everyone"
  • "We are now 25% Women in architecture. We need to go into schools and let them know its a great career. Women architects make things better"

Calls for action:

  • "Let the fantasy come. Try and be an example for others"
  • We need "To do all we can to inspire a new generation of women in construction. If construction isn't being considered as a career by someone...Let's do all we can to help as many "someone"s become someone in construction'
  • "Support other women and girls making education choices which will help them attain a career in construction"
  • "To create an environment in construction that has a positive impact on the world"