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London Build 2017, 26 Oct, Breakfast

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Further to our ongoing collaboration with London Build since 2015, we have been working in our collaboration for this year's Women in Construction Breakfast 

Learning from experience, for our 2017 we were keen to do something different and shift the focus from  speaking about diversity as the main point of discussion to a panel discussing a topic which could be of interest to a wider audience, discussed by a diverse panel of professionals.

Thinking about what the topic could be, and following on from our attendance to the FT Summit earlier in the year, we felt that "the future of construction" could offer us the wide scope/appeal we were after.

With this is mind, we gathered a group of collaborators from a range of disciplines and we can share that it will be worth attending (LINK to free ticket) 

Following an introduction of the the speakers and the context for the panel by London and South East Chair, Cristina Lanz Azcarate, Maria Coulter (from Construction Coach) will chair a discussion which will cover subjects as wide as the impact that sustainability will have in the future of construction, addressing the skills gap and the industry's mental health, the importance of ethics within construction and the hidden for graduates .

We hope to see you there!

(another LINK to free ticket)