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7th June 2017, LDN & SE, Architectural Boat Trip

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Last night, and in parallel to the London Festival of Architecture, NAWIC hosted its second Architectural Boat Trip

Attended by a substantial group of enthusisasts and led by the very knowledgeable Our Open-City guide, Architect Benedict O'Looney,who once again offered an insight into the history and evolution of London's cityscape, the looked both at the heritage and the many additions our city has seen materialise in the past year.

Unlike last September, whem we enjoyed the night lights, yesterday we made the most of the longer evening and despite a few drops were able to experience the city under a complete different light .

We would like to thank Benny for his time and knowledge, The Viscount Cruises team on board of the London Rose for taking such a great care of us and to all our guestes who braved the wind and remained engaged for the duration of the ride.

These are some of the images we took (with our phones)

  • 2017boat1
  • 2017boat2
  • 2017boat3
  • 2017boat5
  • 2017boat5
  • 2017boat7
  • 2017boat8

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