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NAWIC is an international organisation of individuals working within the construction industry and its periphery where they are encouraged to pursue, establish and sustain successful careers.

We aim to promote the positives in the Construction Industry as a whole and to highlight the fantastic work carried out by professionals working within.

Our members are individuals working in an industry they feel passionate about. They thrive in diverse environments and enjoy working as a team in the shaping of the built environmen

Our key targets are:

  • A shift of focus from gender to ability
  • Levelling the playing field in the industry
  • Ending of stereotypes

To achieve this,

our work focuses on:

  • Supporting the development of members
  • Inspiring the young to look at the industry as a valid source for a future career
  • Reaching out to the entirety of our peers in order to deliver a real difference

Aside the access to an existing community of industry professionals in eight regions across the UK and Ireland, NAWIC’s members have experienced other benefits which include but are not limited to the following:

Ar­­eas  The benefits  Types of events/benefits  Examples 
Within NAWIC

• Can join the Regional Committees

• Attend Regional Committee Meetings

• Gain experience in volunteering

• Gain organisational/soft skills

• Shape the NAWIC Programme

• Attend the AGM

• Attend members only events

• Discounted rates & priority in paid for events

• Free access to the Annual Conference


• Regional Committee meetings

• Career Days

• Annual conference


International Womens Day (March 2016)

Regional AGMs

London Build/ Inspire Collaborations (October)

National AGM (November)

Annual National Conference (November)

Best practice:

Site visits (3 to 4 times a year)

CSR: Green Month June (yearly)

NAWIC Business Breakfast Club , topical presentations (Monthly in LDN & SE)


Members only events (twice a year)

Social (twice a year)

NAWIC Business Breakfast Club (Monthly)


Public speaking (Spring & Autumn 2016, Winter & Spring 2017)

Career days (March )

Writing a Professional Bio (Sep. 2016)

Round table discussions to date:

Opportunities for women

Changing the image of construction

Sustainable Design

Industry Health Check

Challenging Bias

International exchange of best practice on diversity

Women Returners (October 2017)

The Future of Construction (October 2017)

On Going Projects:

Marketing Toolkit

The Image of Construction, Photography book

Professional Development:

 • Access to Key speakers and seminars

• Network of Collaborators

• Recruitment Network

• Industry specific updates

• Sharing of best practice / lessons learnt

• Advice on promoting industry values and culture

• Have access to NAWIC partners & benefit from discounts

• Access Approved by NAWIC Training professionals

• Site Visits (priority)

• Round‐Tables (priority)

• Topical Working Sessions (priority)

• CPD –like Events (priority)

• Workshops/Training (discount+priority)

• Green Thinking Events (discount+priority)

• Members only events and online resources

• Discounted CIOB Registration

• Discount to attend key conferences, access courses etc (HERE)

Soft Skills:

• E‐newsletter

• Website‐based sharing of best practice

• Education/inspiration for future generations

• Public speaking skills

• Recruitment skills

• Leadership development

• Promotion of the industry in schools

 • Workshops/Training (discount+priority)

• Members only forums

• Opportunities to speak in schools

• Members only NAWIC Recruitment Network

• Members only Awards Calendar

• Access to Formal and informal Mentoring

• Networking Events (discount+priority)


• Access to senior level professionals

• Job / collaborative leads

• Access to resources to promote / implement industry values and culture

• Up to date relevant resources: Industry Research, CPD, Professional development and recruitment 

• Sharing best practiceE across the industry

• Access to Formalised Mentoring, Apprenticeship, placements programmes

 • Networking Events (discount+priority)

• Members only NAWIC Recruitment Network

• Members only Awards Calendar

• Members only Trade Events calendar

• Strategies and Statistics

• Networking Events (discount+priority)

• Discounts on a variety of events by others

• Access to key industry wide organisations

Additional opportunities.

Sponsoring opportunities of key events at regional or national events

Topical contributions to our website

Hosting of events

Careers day sponsoring and speaking opportunities


Further information - Frequently asked Questions.

Renewal of your membership.

Latest News

News from London and South East?

The region has grown so much that we needed to create a structure to properly support the members based within our region.