Variety is the spice of life

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“Studies show that in order to progress professionally, one cannot rely solely on knowledge and good work. At managerial level, visibility counts for 90% of success. Increasing one’s visibility and network are requirements if one is to progress within an organisation and through building social capital, one builds influence.” Edit Development, at NAWIC LDN & Se  “Challenging bias” session.

Our events facilitate opportunities for :

  •  Networking
  •  Mentoring
  •  Personal Development

But also opportunities to:

  • Learn from Best Practice from across the industry.
  • Access resources, networks and professionals working in the same industry, most likely in different ways.
  • Test research and ideas with a wider audience and a network of collaborators.

The above would:

  • Contribute to your company's diversity program
  • Allow your company to gain influence
  • Contrast opinions in your pursuit of excellence.

Being part of the association can help members feel more confident and establish rapport within the wider industry. This, will give another dimension to their professional skills set.

NAWIC also provides a platform for better integration between male and female colleagues through the many events organised which are always open to male and female individuals.

In terms of the next generation, NAWIC’s endeavour to engage a wider audience would enable you to reach out to emerging talent.

If all the above still has not convinced you, we advise you to look at the past/forthcoming events sections for your region and decide.